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White Collar & Internal Investigations

Facing down a white collar criminal investigation is a challenge that clients can’t afford to have mishandled, as it can disrupt lives and businesses, damage reputations, and lead to lost assets or even liberty. At Conrad O’Brien, our team of former federal and state prosecutors tenaciously defends clients to achieve the best possible resolution.


Our paramount goal is to satisfy the government’s concerns and persuade them that criminal charges are not warranted. We have achieved remarkable success in “winning quietly.” When a criminal prosecution cannot be avoided, we provide a vigorous defense, both at the grand jury stage and at trial.


Clients also regularly select Conrad O’Brien to conduct internal investigations when faced with internal complaints, whistleblower actions, government inquiries, or litigation. We have assisted businesses in investigating a wide range of matters, including securities and financial fraud, misuse of government funding, employment matters, and environmental compliance. We help our clients comply with the law, uncover and correct wrongdoing, and make informed decisions regarding self-reporting and disclosures.

White Collar Criminal Defense

Notable Cases


  • Represented top executives of several pharmaceutical manufacturers in whistleblower lawsuits and criminal investigations by the Department of Justice and state Attorneys General involving off-label marketing, Medicare and Medicaid fraud, false claims, and violations of FDA regulations. 

  • Represented individuals and entities involved in state and federal public corruption cases throughout Pennsylvania.

  • Represented several employees of a major mortgage servicer in a nationwide investigation of mortgage foreclosure fraud, conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice and numerous state Attorneys General. 

  • Represented numerous attorneys, physicians, accountants, and businesspersons in various federal probes relating to all manner of alleged fraud. 

  • Represented multiple clients, including immunized witnesses, in a state prosecution and grand jury investigation of alleged public corruption in the Pennsylvania State Legislature.

  • Represented employees of public corporations and nonprofits in debarment proceedings before the Department of Justice and the Department of Defense.

  • Represented over 150 clients in grand jury and FDA investigations of agricultural practices across several states.

  • Represented a consulting firm and its principal in grand jury investigations by Department of Justice Public Corruption Division involving activities of politicians and defense contractors in several foreign countries.

Internal Investigations

Conrad O’Brien attorneys regularly conduct internal investigations for corporations, nonprofits, and government entities.


Notable Cases


  • On behalf of the Governor’s Office of General Counsel, Conrad O’Brien completed an expedited investigation into the licensing and oversight of child daycare centers by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. The investigation culminated in a comprehensive report detailing factual findings, investigative conclusions and, most importantly, recommendations to improve the oversight of daycare operations in Pennsylvania.

  • Conrad O’Brien represented a nonprofit youth and family services organization in connection with embezzlement by a company employee who, in a desperate attempt to cover up his theft, murdered the organization’s Executive Director. This was a high-profile and sensitive matter, one in which the future of the organization was at risk. Working along with a forensic accountant, Conrad O’Brien unraveled the embezzlement scheme, recommended back-office procedures that would prevent this kind of conduct in the future, met with the organization’s funders to reassure them that the organization was fiscally responsible, and worked with the District Attorney’s Office to help secure a conviction of the former employee.

  • Conrad O’Brien represented a nonprofit in connection with a whistleblower action brought by one of its officers who alleged that the organization had misspent federal funding dollars. Following an extensive forensic investigation, Conrad O’Brien convinced the federal funding agency that the whistleblower’s complaint was without merit. The firm’s work not only maintained the organization’s critical federal funding source, but also protected the organization from a costly false claims and job discrimination lawsuit.

  • Conrad O’Brien was retained by the Attorney General for the state of Delaware to independently investigate a police shooting and killing of a young, wheelchair-bound man. Cell phone video of the shooting was played on national news outlets and posted on social media, and outside organizations were demanding indictments of the involved police officers. Conrad O’Brien attorneys, having been deputized by the Delaware Supreme Court, worked with outside law enforcement experts, specially assigned detectives, and the FBI forensic laboratory to determine whether criminal charges should be brought against the officers. Conrad O’Brien’s findings and recommendations were reflected in a report that was publically issued by the Attorney General.