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Title IX and Campus Discipline


We represent and counsel students and faculty members throughout the country who are facing a lack of fairness during a campus investigation and disciplinary proceeding arising from alleged Title IX or conduct code violations in higher education. Led by Co-Chairs Patricia Hamill and Lorie Dakessian, our team has represented more than 300 students and faculty members nationwide in disciplinary matters or related litigation involving more than 150 colleges and universities.


When students or faculty members are reeling from an accusation or have been subjected to an unfair disciplinary proceeding, they and their families turn to Conrad O’Brien to guide them through the process and craft a personalized plan to position them for favorable outcomes, including bringing litigation on their behalf when necessary.


Our attorneys are tenacious and driven and will put our all into devising and implementing a strategy designed for a favorable outcome while offering empathy and responsive service every step of the way. We take a holistic approach to each client and their specific circumstances, often working together to minimize the impact of their current case on their paths and aspirations, mindful of the various ways these proceedings can disrupt daily life and compromise future prospects.

For Students

We ensure our student clients understand their university’s process, seek procedural safeguards, and are afforded a fair hearing. Our student clients may be subject to interim measures that limit their access to campus activities or dorms, removed from sports teams, or have their education interrupted by a suspension or expulsion. We work closely with students and their families to help them navigate the challenges of a university’s policies and procedures governing investigations and disciplinary hearings. Read more about our work for students on our Title IX website.

For Faculty

Our faculty member clients may be placed on paid or unpaid administrative leave, facing speculation about their absence from work, or confronting academic freedom issues, concerns with tenure, and challenges with re-employment by another educational institution. Read more about our work for faculty members and administrators on our Title IX website.

Title IX and Code of Conduct Litigation

When resolution cannot be reached, we have filed lawsuits against public or private universities for lack of due process, Title IX or other civil rights violations, breach of contract, or tort liability for the school’s alleged mishandling of the client’s misconduct allegations. Read more about our experience on our Title IX website.