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October 28, 2019

Join Conrad O'Brien Associates for Trial Advocacy Program

Join Conrad O'Brien and the associate team for an instructive trial advocacy program on how to give effective openings and closings. This program will be held at Conrad O'Brien on November 5, 2019 from 12-5pm.  CLE approval is pending.


Even if most of your cases settle before trial, learning trial skills by practicing them leads to better results for your client. Whether you litigate, mediate, settle, or simply meet with your client for advice, being confident in your ability to succeed if a dispute does go to trial empowers you to be a more influential advocate for your clients, in court—and out.


What you will learn:

  • How to read and prepare a civil case file as though preparing for trial (the case file will be distributed prior to the session)
  • Deliver a persuasive opening statement
  • Deliver a persuasive closing statement

How will you learn:

  • Learning by doing: associates will deliver an opening statement and a closing statement. They will each “face off” against one of their colleagues; each associate has been assigned the role of either plaintiff or defense.
  • Conrad O’Brien partners, Jud Aaron and Deborah Krabbendam, are experienced litigators and will provide realtime constructive critiques of each opening and closing.
  • Participants will learn from their own successes and mistakes and from fellow participants.


  • Jud Aaron, Partner: Jud is recognized by prosecutors, defense attorneys, courts, and clients alike as a skillful litigator, effective negotiator, and convincing trial lawyer. He relentlessly advocates for his clients, yielding successful outcomes in and out of court while also keeping matters from public scrutiny. Jud has represented clients faced with virtually every type of white-collar investigation, including allegations of financial fraud, public corruption, and fraud on government agencies. His clients include physicians, attorneys, accountants, business owners, elected officials, as well as corporations and nonprofits. As an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania from 1995 to 2005, Jud prosecuted and tried an array of federal criminal offenses.
  • Deborah Krabbendam, Partner: Deborah handles complex contract disputes and other matters for clients spanning many industries, including technology, financial services, insurance, public utility, healthcare, and major law firms. She represents both companies and individuals in litigation, compliance matters, and government or internal investigations pertaining to the securities laws, the False Claims Act, and other laws governing transactions which directly or indirectly implicate the public sector. Deborah views teamwork with clients as essential; she works to understand their business concerns as well as the legal issues they face.