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June 10, 2020

Deborah Krabbendam Recognized with the “Unsung Hero Award” in The Legal Intelligencer’s 2020 Professional Excellence Awards

Conrad O’Brien attorney Deborah Krabbendam has been recognized with the “Unsung Hero” Award by The Legal Intelligencer as part of the publication’s 2020 Professional Excellence Awards. For the Unsung Hero Award, The Legal sought attorneys who “have gone unnoticed for, or were instrumental behind the scenes in, particularly important work.” The award gives “due credit to attorneys and legal professionals whose work, while not necessarily flashy, is vital to the success of their firm or organization."


Deborah was recognized for her work at Conrad O’Brien for over 30 years, where she has been instrumental in the firm’s successes, both in the retention of clients and in case victories. She works almost exclusively behind the scenes and without attribution, despite serving as the architect of the overall case strategy and by drafting all key pleadings and briefs in many of the firm’s most important litigation matters. 


Deborah began work as an associate at Conrad O’Brien following her clerkship with The Honorable Alfred L. Luongo, former Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. She made partner in record time, in less than six years, after which she decided to take on this less outwardly visible role.


Deborah has immense versatility. She works in all practice areas at the firm as colleagues call on her for her experience, procedural mastery, high level and persuasive writing, strategic thinking, and ability to master new practice areas or novel questions of law in a short time. She works with an unparalleled intensity that shows no limits – she does what is required, often under tremendous time pressures. She is known in the firm and among our clients for developing strategies at the beginning of matters to help steer them to favorable and efficient resolution. Or, she may be called into a case that is already underway, mastering its complexities and adding her talents on drafting and strategy. Deborah currently works with the firm’s Title IX, Due Process & Campus Disciplinary practice area. She has also developed expertise within the federal E-rate (Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism) program. She works with technology companies to develop and monitor internal programs to ensure compliance with competitive bidding and gift rule requirements arising out this program.


Deborah will be featured in The Legal’s “Professional Excellence Supplement” and will be honored at an awards dinner in the Crystal Tea Room in Philadelphia in September 2020.


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