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March 11, 2021

Biden Begins Process To Undo Trump Administration's Title IX Rules

NPR reporter Tovia Smith reports on the Biden administration examining the way cases of sexual assault and harassment are handled by schools in the "All Things Considered" segment. 


A move by the Biden administration to change the way cases of sexual assault and harassment are handled by schools is drawing both cheers and fears. Acting on a campaign promise, President Biden has ordered education officials to start considering how to rollback Trump administration rules that bolster the rights of the accused and limit the cases schools have to handle.


Patricia Hamill was interviewed regarding this rollback. "'Students, rightly so, are concerned that there will be a rollback back to an era with no live hearings, no ability to really probe the other person's narrative,' says Patricia Hamill, a Philadelphia Title IX attorney who represents mostly accused students. 'I think those are all great concerns for students who are accused of what is a very serious misconduct [that] can have lifelong consequences.' Those who are expelled for such offenses may be unable to finish school, or find employment, she says."


Listen to the report.


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